Photoshoot with Stefanie

It was a pretty interesting walk down the alleyway to the studio space situated on a converted floor of one of Tokyo's love hotels. The experience of walking through the winding corridors of the building past the brightly lit screens of themed rooms to find the front reception was an adventure in itself. Akiko, being the wonderful assistant that she is helped navigate, pay, and set up the room before Stefanie arrived. The space was a reasonable size, with three modest hot lights, and a reflector to use for lighting. It was a hot day, and we were all thankful for the AC unit in the room. The studio was rented for the day, but we ended up only needing about three hours or so, with a break to grab some water from the local Family Mart 😄 Thanks to the wonderful Stefanie and Akiko for a great day and a fun shoot!

Music: "Pack of Wolves" by Astronomyy